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Baby containers – why they need to be limited

Let your baby have lots of free play on the floor Article by Dr Lin Day The next time you put your baby in a bouncer, walker or strap-in chair, think carefully. Studies show that too much time spent in them can prevent them babies

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Sensory Development

Article by Dr Lin Day “Babies learn best when they experience things that they can see, hear, touch, smell or taste. It is how they gain knowledge of themselves and learn about the world”. When your baby is alert and you’re ready to play, sensory

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Rolling Over – Top Tips

Article by Dr Lin Day “How can I help my baby to roll over and when will this happen?” Rolling over is an extremely important milestone in your baby’s development and the starting point for all other balance skills, including sitting up and crawling. Going

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Postnatal Depression – Top Tips

Article by Dr Lin Day Postnatal depression is a debilitating illness that can spoil the experience of motherhood, interfere with the development of the mother-baby bond and put an immense strain on adult relationships. The postpartum period is a critical time for the health of

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Tummy Time – Top Tips

Article by Dr Lin Day Tummy time is an essential aspect of development from birth. It promotes: Healthy development of the central nervous system and brain Strong neck, back and upper body muscles Balance, coordination, stability and postural skills Flat hand development, which increases precision

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